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Our Approach:
Organizational Effectiveness and Value Creation

We draw upon numerous sources to help you enhance the effectiveness and overall value of your organization. These include our experiences in guiding large change management projects and facilitating the development of breakthrough strategies, our leading edge research on performance improvement (outline in our book, Critical SHIFT),and the study of enterprises that continually outperform others in their industry.

We have a wealth of experience in working with clients to create new ways of working that have enhanced organizational effectiveness, and ultimately provided greater value for them. Partners for Progress offers services in the area of:

Strategic Management

Facilitating strategic planning (from environmental assessment through to implementation and ongoing management reviews), coaching scenario development activities, and implementing a systematic approach for innovation.

Enterprise-wide Change

Creating and implementing plans for transformational change with departments, business units, and entire organizations; facilitating Real-Time Strategic Change events involving hundreds of individuals; developing internal change agents; and coaching organizations.

Performance Improvement

Defining the organization as a system, developing multi-year improvement plans, designing and improving systems and work processes, creating organizational measurement systems, coaching teams, and facilitating meetings.


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Business Storytelling for Dummies