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Our Philosophy: One Size Does Not Fit All

The “cookie cutter” approach used by some consulting firms may appear easier to implement, yet it often can lead to failure. At Partners for Progress, we work with you as your advocate, supporter, guide, and associate. But make no mistake. The very nature of the partnership that we promote requires a high level of commitment from both parties. We walk arm-in-arm together to design solutions for your organization, your employees, and your customers.

We have found that delivering value to our clients means providing services that are uniquely different from other consulting firms. We do not believe in pre-packaged, one shot solutions. We do not believe in auditing your organization, telling you what to fix, telling you how to fix it, and then leaving. In that process, organizations learn little about how to improve in the future.

Instead, we form a partnership that is designed to help you. In doing so, we work to insure that people throughout your organization learn the concepts, tools, and methods required to make necessary changes a reality. In this way, people in your organization gain the ability to provide long-term value as a way of doing business. Our aim is to help you enhance the quality of products, services, systems, and the work environment to improve the competitive position of your organization.



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Business Storytelling for Dummies