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The Results: Greater Value

Today, competitive advantage is often fleeting. Thus, it is imperative that your organization discovers ways to provide ever-increasing value to its customers, employees, shareholders, and society-at-large. Here are some examples of efforts in which we have partnered with our clients.

Strategic Management

  • Coached executive teams and Boards of Directors through participative and data-driven approaches to strategic planning.
  • Shaped the values, guiding principles, structure, and strategy of entire organizations.
  • Facilitated a series of coordinated scenario development activities to foster highly creative breakthrough thinking relative to potential long-term business strategies.
  • Created and deployed detailed annual business plans and budgets to achieve long-range goals.
  • Set up systems to track the performance of individual business strategies.>
  • Developed a strategic framework and approach for the delivery of training throughout the organization to ensure future business strategies would succeed.
  • Helped entrepreneurs and executives of existing organizations to create new businesses in as short as 90 days.
  • Led the development of a publicly-offered project management curriculum to establish a certificate program that included seven, two-day workshops, each with its own integrated application-based case study.>

Enterprise-wide Change

  • Helped organizations to effectively manage critical changes related to new business models and approaches, capturing new markets and customers, creating new products and services, and restructuring the business.
  • Facilitated large group interventions based on the Real-Time Strategic Change (Whole Systems Change) approach with hundreds of people to achieve alignment and instantaneous change.>
  • Provided one-on-one long-term coaching to business owners, presidents, vice presidents and other key organizational leaders to enable them to foster change more quickly and effectively.
  • >Developed internal change agents who were responsible for orchestrating and deploying strategic changes throughout all aspects of organizations.
  • Designed a customized model and multi-phase implementation approach for bringing self-directed teams into business operations.
  • Authored comprehensive guidebooks to enhance the performance of leadership and natural work teams.>

Performance Improvement

  • Defined core processes and systems for entire organizations and business units, including overall work flow and infrastructure redesign.
  • Developed measurement systems to assess overall organizational overall performance.
  • Created the project plan and organizational systems needed for achieving ISO 9001 certification in less than one year.>
  • Developed and implemented detailed, multi-year plans to deploy and integrate quality throughout entire organizations.
  • Created step-by-step workbooks on standardization, continual improvement, problem solving, and innovation and provided training and coaching to ensure the implementation and ongoing use of these methods with work groups.
  • Facilitated teams that standardized and made significant improvements in key processes and systems in the areas of finance, business development, operations, procurement, sales, and marketing.
  • Provided training on topics such as: leadership, teamwork, coaching, project management, organizational change, quality management tools and methods, developing and conducting effective training, strategic planning, and internal consulting.


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Business Storytelling for Dummies