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Lori Silverman, Owner

Dynamic, insightful, invaluable, proven ability, dedicated, effective catalyst, enthusiastic, and leading-edge thinker are all words Lori Silverman’s clients have used to describe her over the past 20 years.

Lori is the owner of Partners for Progress, a management consulting firm specializing in strategic management, enterprise-wide change, and performance improvement.

She brings to her consulting engagements with Boards of Directors, senior executives, managers, supervisors, and front-line employees her skills as an organization development consultant, executive coach, change agent, business strategist and futurist, instructional designer, trainer, and writer. Industries she has consulted with include: petroleum, high technology, retail, paper, insurance, financial services, health care, airline, higher education, manufacturing, association management, and consumer, business, and engineering services. In addition, she has worked with state and federal government agencies and military units.

Lori is highly sought after as a keynote speaker, having positively impacted the lives of thousands of conference and meeting participants. She has published over 75 articles and workbooks on the topics of strategic planning, self-managed teams, consumer obsession, performance improvement, and coaching leaders through enterprise-wide change. Lori is the co-author of Critical SHIFT: The Future of Quality in Organizational Performance and  Stories Trainers Tell: 55 Ready-to-Use Stories to Make Training Stick. Her latest book, Wake Me Up When the Data is Over: How Organizations Use Stories to Drive Results, debuted in the top one hundred books on Amazon and is already a best-seller.

Currently, Lori is serving as an adjunct instructor at the Fluno Center for Executive Education an the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the School of Continuing Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She holds a B.S. degree in psychology and an M.S. degree in counseling and guidance, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and M.B.A. degree from Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin. You can email Lori here.



Jay Clevenger, Web Master and Graphic Designer
Jay has more than twenty years of experience providing graphic and web design and Internet consulting to companies and individuals throughout the United States. He has produced and been a part of successful projects within a wide array of small businesses and in the fields of corporate banking and secondary education. Offering a mixture of creative, technical and communication skills, Jay started Banion Webworks in 2000 to help companies and individuals relay information over the Internet at an affordable cost. Jay attended Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS and Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI. He received his Webmaster Certification in 1998.

Marcy Fisher, Organization Development Consultant
Marcy has more than twenty-eight years of industry experience with leading firms: eLilly, Procter and Gamble, Royal Dutch Shell, and Sapient. Most recently, Marcy’s experience has centered on the design and development of new technical joint ventures. Marcy possesses strong functional and technical knowledge in organization design and development, corporate and business strategy, self-managed and virtual work teams, change management, joint venture partner selection, globalization, leadership development, coaching, and manufacturing management. She holds a B.S. degree in industrial management and computer science from Purdue University and an M.S. degree in human resource and organization development from the University of San Francisco. You can reach Marcy at


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