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Business Storytelling for Dummies


Critical SHIFT Testimonials

“This book is a great blend of hard-nosed straight forward advice, mixed with a dash of theory and a tool kit for growth and transformation.”

Marcy Fisher
Vice President, Organizational Development & Human Resources
Shell Technology Ventures, Inc.

“I have read the very impressive work of Lori Silverman and Annabeth Probst. It has given me renewed energy and a clarified sense of direction for our next efforts here at First Union.”

Price Schwenck
North Florida
First Union National Bank

“This book is a breakthrough in the understanding of what is needed to take companies to the next level of quality management. The authors have completed extensive research and have presented a logical and comprehensive roadmap for any sized company to implement a quality environment. They accomplish this with a masterful blend of insights, examples and thought provoking questions. Their Starburst Model™ encompasses all aspects of a company culture that is necessary to insure the successful integration of quality.”

James L. Bossert
Vice President, Quality, Americas Region
Nokia Mobile Phones

“With this book, the authors have addressed a gap in the quality literature by exploring the future of the quality movement its gyrations and transformations, and what’s in store for quality professionals and practitioners. Picking up where the ASQ Future Study leaves off, Critical SHIFT parses the state of quality with the help of some of the leading management and quality thinkers, and pieces together clues of trends and forces which will shape organizational performance, work and work styles, and even job opportunities in the 21st century. This is a powerful guide for envisioning a contour on where we are and where we’re headed.”

Roberto M. Saco
Regional Quality Officer
American Express TRS Company

“Lori and Annabeth have examined the past, present, and future of quality in a readable text. Quality professionals can learn how to become useful in helping their organizations become useful. I liked it.”

Philip Crosby
Author of Quality and Me: Lessons from an Evolving Life

Critical SHIFT is a timely and insightful guide to where organizational performance is headed and provides the tools to succeed in the years to come. A must read for those who are determined to stay on top of where we are and where we are going in the evolution of quality.”

Richard Chang
Richard Chang Associates, Inc.
1999 Chairman of the Board: American Society for Training & Development

“We are tuned as consumers to expecting that new is best...the old is out, the new is in. And so it goes for management approaches. Is quality in or out? Is reengineering better than quality? Critical SHIFT presents us with a more useful view; one of transition and evolution. It guides in an evolutionary journey through past, present, and future management approaches, building as we go, toward even better methods.”

Maury Cotter
Director, Office of Quality Improvement
University of Wisconsin-Madison

“I found this book timely and helpful for me not only professionally, but personally, as I re-examine my career and broader life goals. The information and insights offered led me to a deeper level of self-examination and helped shed some light on important personal questions. The Starburst Model™ ...helped me synthesize my thoughts into a coherent picture of how the various pieces of the quality integration puzzle fit.”

Vern F. Campbell
P. Eng., MBA
Quality Coordinator
Manitoba Hydro



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Business Storytelling for Dummies