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Helping Organizations Achieve and Maintain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Their Marketplace
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Engaging. Captivating. Humorous. Effective. Passionate.

Lori Silverman is a speaker, consultant, trainer, and author who strives in her work to connect people to possibilities and to each other. Her savvy yet down-to-earth style have helped dozens of professionals and companies to realize their true potential and professional success.

Lori’s highly energized and enthusiastic approach, and magical stories, inspire her audiences to take action. A member of the National Speakers Association, she has mesmerized thousands of people with a variety of topics ranging from the humorously edu-taining “Schmoozing: Meet, Greet and Speak with Ease” to weighty business topics such as “More Than a Quick Fix: Organizational Change that Sticks.”

Lori owns Partners for Progress, a management consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations achieve and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage in their marketplace. She’s authored myriad books, articles and workbooks including Critical SHIFT: The Future of Quality in Organizational Performance and Stories Trainers Tell: 55 Ready-to-Use Stories to Make Training Stick. Her latest book, Wake Me Up When the Data is Over: How Organizations Use Stories to Drive Results, debuted in the top one hundred books on Amazon and is already a best-seller.

Having earned two Master’s, in business and in counseling, and a B.S. in psychology, Lori shares a fascinating perspective with her audiences.


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