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What Clients are Saying

“Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota (WeMN) hired Lori as the keynote speaker for our biennial conference, Ignite Your Story, because we wanted a speaker to open the conference with a bang—and she did! Weeks before the conference, Lori took the time to interview key people within WeMN that could help her better understand the group to focus her time and energy on what was really needed. She crafted her story based on a current member and her content helped create an immediate connection with the audience of 65+ women entrepreneurs. Feedback received from the attendees, which included members and guests, the operating and advisory board of WeMN and St. Catherine’s University faculty, confirmed that we made the right decision by hiring Lori. One of the most memorable comments that we received was along the lines of, ‘I was so impressed with her that I recommended her as one of our keynote speakers for the MNCPA Annual Business Advisors Conference, a 2-day conference slated to have 1,000 attendees.’ Needless to say, anyone who hires Lori will be making a good investment and in return will receive a custom-crafted and high-quality story delivered to their company team, professional organization, or any other group interested in partnering with her.”

Amalia Moreno-Damgaard, Founder-CEO of Amalia LLC & WeMN

“Lori Silverman has a unique talent for challenging and inspiring people who are ready to grow and those who are stuck. She uses her skill as a master storyteller to enhance learning and draws listeners in for a closer look at modern day leadership challenges. Academics and health care providers can be a tough audience. Lori is a reliable presenter and teacher that we invite back regularly to not only inform our future leaders, but to help them design and practice new ways of interacting and navigating in our increasingly fast paced and complex world. Our future leaders learn to pay attention to influence, more than power, for enduring success.”

Linda M. Love, EdD, MA
Office of Faculty Development
University of Nebraska Medical Center

“Lori Silverman can move an audience like few speakers can. Lori offers dynamic learning keynotes and seminar presentations. She combines outstanding content with humor, flair, and inspiration to help listeners manage information and communication overload. Lori challenges the audience to take action. Her December keynote presentation to SGMPAZ Chapter was enlightening, entertaining, and transformational. It was perfect timing to for members to review the year, making new resolutions and start incorporating new positive routines.”

Michelle Fink, President
Society of Government Meeting Planners (SGMP), Arizona Chapter

“Lori is a gifted story teller, articulate presenter and engaging facilitator. If you are planning a one hour event or an all day workshop, I encourage you to call Lori to explore some of the ways she might contribute to the success of your program.
     Over the last 10 years, I have worked with Lori on more than 30 programs on a variety of topics in the leadership and management arena. Lori does her homework, delivers a high quality program and consistently contributes to the creation of a memorable event. It is a pleasure to recommend her to you”

Bob Shaver, Director, Fundamentals Program, Executive Education
Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“The Midwest Chapter of CORENET was fortunate to have Lori Silverman speak on the use of story techniques to achieve results. CORENET is an association representing corporate real estate executives and those individuals providing services to them. In advance of her presentation, Lori spent a great deal of time interviewing a sampling of our members. Our members thought the time was well spent because she provided interesting insight and assistance to them individually during the ‘interview.’ Additionally, Lori invested time to meet with CORENET board members prior to the event to share observations regarding our chapter. The board found this information quite helpful in moving forward.
     Lori truly captured industry and chapter issues, challenges and concerns, customizing a presentation that was engaging, informative, instructive and fun. The feedback was unanimous; everyone learned, everyone enjoyed the presentation and everyone found the information useful. We would highly recommend Lori as a speaker and as a consultant.”

Susan Spiers, Regional Director, Business Development, NELSON
Vice President, Programs, Midwest Chapter, CORENET

“Lori is a dynamic storyteller and powerful presenter. Lori led two workshops for our professional organization (‘Say NO to Networking‘ and ’Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over’) and they were filled with valuable tools to add to our professional tools boxes. Lori does a great job of engaging people through visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning experiences, which help make a long-term, positive impact. The exercises she led us through were informative and relevant in today’s business environment. Lori’s high energy and positive attitude makes it a pleasure to work with her.”

Paula Johnston, CPSM
Marketing Manager, David Evans and Associates, Inc.
Society for Marketing Professional Services, Oregon, Education Director, 2010-2011

“At Lydig Construction, we needed to train our employees in presentation skills to become more effective in short list interviews. We were looking for someone who could teach us specific skills in how to reach the selection committee members in innovative ways that moved them beyond the technical data they were used to seeing and hearing.
     Ms. Silverman’s style was engaging and interactive. She welcomed questions and encouraged participants to step outside of their comfort zones to think and behave in new and sometimes different ways.
     Lori not only gave us specific tools and techniques to use regarding stories, but also helped us analyze our entire prospecting and sales process. She helped us realize that we needed to be engaging our business partners much sooner in the process, and that a very powerful technique in building relationships with our business partners is through the use of stories.
     Thank you, Lori, for moving us beyond the day-to-day data that the construction industry sees and hears every day! We are on our way to not only building Lydig’s story database, but also to effectively sharing stories in our short list interviews and in interactions with our clients.”

Libby Kuehl, Director of Education and Training
Lydig Construction, Inc.

“Lori Silverman, of Partners for Progress, delivers!! She was invited to present to APS/AAAME Class 10 in May 2009. With deliberate preparation, including research and interviews, she crafted a presentation for Leading Organizational Change to meet the needs of the group. The session challenged and motivated the group to make significant change as owners of their business. Lori is skilled at presenting timely, well researched data and incorporating meaningful exercises to help each participant integrate the information to make change and move forward. I would highly recommend Lori to any organization that wants to create real change and think strategically”

Rena AJ Huber, Director
AAAME APS Academy for the Advancement of Small, Minority & Women Owned Enterprises

“Lori Silverman is an outstanding presenter who educated and inspired our group through her tailored workshop on the use of story techniques in business development. Our professional organization, Marketing Associates of Spokane, hosted the half-day workshop for its members.
     Lori taught us a new way to connect and relate to our clients through story that will not only make a strong first impression, but a lasting one. Instead of doing business as usual, our attendees learned how to use story to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to win business and competitive advantage.
     The positive comments and feedback from all attendees was overwhelming. One attendee wrote, ‘Her creative, dynamic and engaging presentation style allows participants to think outside the box and challenges the norm of the way companies communicate.’ Another said, ‘This is exactly the type of thing I have been waiting to learn. This will take my company from good to great.’
     I had the pleasure of working with Lori before, during, and after the event and I was very impressed with her intense preparation and customization of the program to fit the needs of our group, and her professionalism throughout the process. Lori's personality is fun and her knowledge and experience is extensive. This combination made for an enjoyable and informational workshop.
     I would bring Lori back in a second for another workshop and I wholeheartedly recommend Lori Silverman for your company, group, or organization.”

Julie Culver, President
Marketing Associates of Spokane

“Lori served as our Keynote for Project Summit & BusinessAnalystWorld: Chicago. Her approachability and interactive style created a perfect opening to our conference. Attendee feedback was outstanding—they truly appreciated the techniques they learned to enhance their networking skill set. In today’s economy, this is a much needed topic and refresher to encourage industry networking. I look forward to having Lori keynote other events in the future.”

Adam R. Kahn, Group Event Director
Diversified Business Communications

“Lori brought a great deal of personal enthusiasm and professional expertise to both her keynote presentation and her concurrent session. She did some specific research with potential audience members which really paid off in terms of her ability to actually connect with the needs and interests of a rather diverse audience of professional women and women business owners. I had hoped to have her as a keynote speaker for my Business Women’s Expo for a number of years and was very pleased that we were able to work out the timing this year. She is a real treasure and a joy to work with, both in the planning and at the event itself.”

Marian Walluks, Event Producer
Annual Business Women's Expo - Madison, WI

“Lori was fabulous! All 175 attendees were totally involved in her keynote presentation. Our audience is usually fairly reserved, but she had them laughing and applauding throughout, and they flocked to talk to her afterwards. Truly, Lori's presentation was the highlight of the conference.”

Tony Shaw, President
Wilshire Conferences, Inc.

“Lori, thank you for inspiring the University of Wisconsin Credit Union management group at our 2008 Leadership Conference. The information and skills you shared with us regarding the art and science of stories was motivational and critically relevant to kick off 2008. The theme of our annual business plan is 'Members for Life.' The use of stories will help guarantee success with this strategic initiative and provide long-lasting value in advancing our brand, coaching our employees, and telling our story to the communities we serve. All areas of our company have identified ways to incorporate the use of story to differentiate University of Wisconsin Credit Union in the marketplace. We look forward to a continued relationship with you to further hone our skills with this exciting and innovative business concept.”

Maggie Hertz, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
University of Wisconsin Credit Union

“I want to personally thank you for delivering an outstanding presentation for NSA Wisconsin in September. Your topic: 'Beyond the Signature Story: Using Stories to Build Additional Revenue Streams' generated excellent attendance and brought out veteran chapter members to determine their desired outcomes laid the groundwork for one of the most content-rich sessions we have ever had. I really appreciate the fact your message aims high and targets the needs of advanced speakers. For those speakers who think they've "heard it all", I would strongly suggest they think again and apply your strategies and techniques to generate significantly more business from their current and former clients. Thanks again for everything. May our paths cross often.”

Robert Ian, 2007-2008 President
National Speakers Association-Wisconsin

“Lori Silverman is one of the highest rated-speakers we’ve had for our local SHRM chapter in a long time! Her presentation, ‘Wake Me Up When the Data is Over,’ was engaging, thought-provoking, fun and practical all at once. Lori did her homework and used examples that were relevant to the group. Her knowledge of the subject and of the research behind it is impressive and she uses that knowledge to connect the concept of stories to the audience in a very practical way. Her presentation style is well-organized, dynamic, and well-paced. I would highly recommend Lori!”

Lori Gibson, Past VP of Programming
Greater Madison Area SHRM chapter

“Members of the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists often don’t get a chance to interact with colleagues from other parts of the state, sales representatives from major instrument manufacturers, or sometimes, collaborative health care personnel within their own institution! The planning committee decided that schmoozing was an important skill set to give our state-wide members, and we sought a speaker who could deliver both an entertaining and informative keynote on the topic. Lori Silverman fit the bill. She was able to make us laugh, yet couple the fun with valuable, useful information. Our members are still talking about the session. Plus, as an extra bonus she gave a talk on story use which was also highly rated by attendees. We would definitely work with Lori again. Not only does her expertise span virtually every aspect of business and training, Lori was easy and fun to work with.”

Stacy Walz, Board Member
American Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists-Wisconsin

“Lori was able to make believers out of some skeptical attendees regarding the value of storytelling. Several individuals let us know they were going to be able to immediately implement what they learned. Thanks Lori!”

Jen Piccotti, ASQ/Service Quality Division Chair

“Lori did an outstanding job preparing for her keynote presentation at the Wisconsin Tobacco Control & Prevention Conference. She took a significant amount of time talking with people in our movement to gain a better understanding of our issue and then customized the presentation to fit our needs. Our group was just beginning to use stories as a way to influence decisions. Lori’s expertise and style provided our group with useful and relevant suggestions on how and when to use stories. They now have a much better understanding of the power of storytelling, thanks to Lori!”

Nancy Michaud, Conference Coordinator
SmokeFree Wisconsin

“Thank you so much for the engaging program you conducted for our PMI Chapter ‘Career Development Day.’ The subject ‘Power and Influence Without Authority’ was very appropriate for our project management community. The program was fast paced, engaging, entertaining and packed with activity. The day passed all to quickly. We received many positive comments from our attendees. Thank you again for making the event a success.”

Ralph Meyer, PMP, SCPM, 2006-2007 President
PMI Inland Northwest Chapter

“Thank you so much for presenting ‘Making an Impact Through Stories’ at our Midwest Woodland Owners Leadership Workshop. Our participants from around the Midwest were greatly inspired by your presentation to look at their organizations and the stories of their members. Your talk was one of the most mentioned when asked which presentation inspired our participants the most. Meeting evaluations showed that your techniques for listening and storytelling had profound impact. In addition, I find myself evaluating TV, radio and print ads to see if they are telling a story—most of them do, yet I never recognized it until hearing your presentation. Thank you for spending the day with us and for making this first get together memorable. We enjoyed getting to know you better and sharing our stories with you”

Nancy C. Bozek, Executive Director
Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association\

“I enjoyed the program, ‘Wake Me Up When the Data is Over: Using Stories to Drive Results,’ and really appreciated the warmth and wisdom you brought to AzSAE. I have already begun to implement ideas from the workshop and it’s only four hours later! Thank you!”

Beverly Babb, CAE, 2006 President
Arizona Society of Association Executives

“Lori was the opening keynote speaker at the Wisconsin State Training Conference in March 2006. She is a master storyteller with the ability to actively engage her audience in multiple uses of this powerful communication technique. As one audience member expressed, "I have been using stories as part of my training for some time. Lori helped me refine this.”

Ralph Schwartz, Leadership and Staff Development Director
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and conference program committee member

“Lori Silverman's workshop, ‘Strategic Planning in Unpredictable Times’ was an invaluable lesson in how to design and conduct a truly strategic planning session. Lori has developed a powerful process that represents more than 20 years of experience with strategic planning in major corporations. She is an outstanding teacher and I left her seminar with the materials needed to replicate the process in my organization.”

Jennifer (Maser) Taylor, SPHR, Human Resources Business Partner
Avista Corporation

“Be prepared to think in a more innovative way when you leave a workshop facilitated by Lori! She possesses a clear command of her subject matter and her personal, interactive style makes her an effective teacher for professionals seeking practical solutions. Following each of the three workshops featuring Lori over the past year, participants acknowledged her energetic and hands-on approach as valuable and worth returning for.”

Angela Ruff, Director of Continuing Education
Gonzaga University

“When I reflect on memorable ways where I’ve learned the most, it’s typically from a story someone shared. Lori brings this important learning concept to life by practicing this story concept in her seminar, ‘Storytelling: The Best-Kept Secret in Business Today.’ She has you create your own story that you can use to support high performance in your organization. By giving you the ‘how to’ for sharing your life experience through a story, you’ll impact not only the workplace, but people’s personal lives.”

Cindy Walker, President
ASTD-NW Chapter

“Lori Silverman’s workshop for the Spokane non-profit community titled, ’Harnessing the Power of Storytelling for Non-Profits,’ was a powerful experience for attendees. The day was spent learning to understand the benefits of using stories in order to build better connections and strengthen community with clarity and conviction. After the workshop, many participants continue to work together to create and convey stories that inspire action and promote positive change in the world. Lori’s facilitation skills and positive energy were the keys to the success of the workshop that has made such a positive impact on our community.”

Patty Gates, Executive Director
New Priorities Foundation

“Lori Silverman was a joy to work with from the first introductory phone call through the conference event. I appreciate her professional style, sense of humor, and gift for connecting with people. She used these traits to teach the art of ‘schmoozing’ to delegates at the 2004 Kentucky League of Cities annual convention. Lori’s workshop was not the run-of-the-mill, ‘sit and listen to the speaker ramble’, style of meeting. Instead, Lori used stories to bring her lessons to life. Those stories combined with learning activities stirred up a positive atmosphere that engaged every delegate. I would hire Lori Silverman again.”

Karen Butcher, Leadership and Training Manager
Kentucky League of Cities

“Thanks so much for a fantastic program on strategic planning in uncertain times. You were able to provide our members with a practical and usable approach to strategic planning. We received tremendous feedback and you certainly generated enthusiasm and excitement.”

Kathie Pugaczewski, CAE, Marketing & Education Director
Midwest Society of Association Executives

“Thank you for bringing your expertise to ASTD-TCC. Your passion for using stories in business really kept us engaged throughout your entire presentation. You used examples that we could relate to, and the exercises that you used helped to cement your ideas. Our members were delighted with your presentation—I hope that we can call on you again for future presentations for our chapter!”

Suzanne Noll , President
ASTD-Twin Cities Chapter (TCC)\

“What a terrific program you gave; Graduate School of Business students and alumni (72 to be exact) stayed for the entire call. Your message has universal appeal and 11 of the callers were from outside the U.S.—everyone has a story and the medium is so powerful. You gave GSB students and alumni concrete and practical applications and tools that they can use immediately at their workplaces or even in the job interviewing process. Thank you for your time, effort, and commitment.”

Anita Brick, Director
MBA Career Advancement Programs, Career Development Office
The University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business

“I had the opportunity to hear Lori at the CUNA Councils’ Experience Learning Live!Conference geared especially for individuals in the training profession. Her session helped me to understand why some of my most memorable speakers were so memorable. They used a story not only to entertain but to educate and captivate the audience so that they become very receptive. Lori showed me how a relevant story can bring a group of people together almost immediately. Thank you Lori for this eye-opening lesson, I know this new information will prove to be a beneficial training tool.”

Barbara Lehew
Director of Conferences & Training, S.C. Credit Union League

“Lori’s program for CIASTD was a breath of fresh air! Her topic attracted the largest meeting attendance of any program this year. Plus, Lori’s informal facilitation style and practical approach was very well received by participants.”

Krista F. Skidmore
Vice President of Programs, Central Indiana ASTD

“Thanks so much for your thoughtful and well-researched presentation to the World Future society. I know what I came away with a couple of nuggets to use in some of the work I’m doing, and the feedback I received from the audience was highly positive.”

Linda Gorchels
President, World Future Society, Madison Chapter Director, Executive Marketing Education, UW-Madison School of Business, Fluno Center for Executive Education

“Lori’s Storytelling Workshop taught me how to forge new connections with my staff and other audiences. Her engaging style and sense of humor opened my mind to new possibilities for communicating ideas through stories that capture your attention, then provide moments of insight. I learned that stories can enhance relationships among team members, linking them to a common purpose.”

Michele Rinn
Corporate Services Director & Corporate Secretary
American Petroleum Institute

“Thank you for the excellent presentation you made to our Chicago Chapter of ASTD. The program was one of our highest attended programs this year with 80+ members listening and learning from you. I especially appreciated how you tailored your presentation to our chapter. When we spoke a few months back and I told you that we wanted a business focus to our programs in 2004 I had no idea that you could satisfy our needs so well. You gave example after example of how organizations have used stories to make training stick and impact their bottom line. Everyone wants ROI data now and you showed how crafting appropriate targeted stories could drive ROI of training. I have received thank you emails from my members about your program. Thank you for making us look good and our members happy. We look forward to hearing you again soon.”

Donna Steffey
CCASTD President
Vital Signs Training

>“I recently attended Lori Silverman’s ‘storytelling’ workshop—it was excellent! Lori is a well-read and upbeat presenter, and the interactive format made for a memorable day. The real-world examples in the workshop gave me ideas that I’ve already started implementing at my association.”

Larry Commons
Director of Internal Marketing
National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Dallas, TX

“Lori Silverman’s presentation to The Business Forum about storytelling in the corporate world led me to think about my own presentations at work. For example, our staff gets together quarterly and managers reward staffers who’ve contributed above and beyond the norm. Now, instead of simply recognizing their work and giving out a certificate, I tell a story about what the person did, how they achieved their goal, and the obstacles they may have overcome in so doing—in short, I incorporate storytelling into the presentation. The staff loves it and I see people connect better because of the presentation. It humanizes the effort of the staff person. If it weren’t for the example Lori set and the exercises she led us in, I doubt I would have changed my presentations. She showed the power of a good story.”

Kathy Bailey
President-Elect, The Business Forum
Administrative Director, Isthmus Publishing Co., Inc.

“Lori Silverman was a true professional through every aspect of her speaking engagement with the Madison Business & Professional Women. She partnered together with us to pick a topic that fit our group and the amount of time we had available. Working out the logistics was accomplished in a straightforward manner. And the presentation—WOW! She used many examples from her own life and her friends’ lives to illustrate the points she was making. And because these examples were all stories, it gave us something to relate to, kept things interesting and made an impact. We were very happy to have her speak to our organization—she provided a very high-quality presentation to our members. And they took away a lot of value.”

Debra Morrill
Madison Business & Professional Women
Vice President, Program Chair

“Lori can really capture a room. In October 2003, she opened our annual Chapter Leadership Conference and shared stories of teamwork and leadership that tied in with our conference theme. Lori’s enthusiasm and energy captured our audience and her stories left a lasting impression. She also presented ‘Schmoozing’ with professionalism and humor. As one participant said, ‘Lori was very interesting and entertaining. She offered some key insights on how to approach people.’ Lori came through for us and did an excellent job.”

Linda Price-Coyer
Chapter Manager/Training Consultant
California Credit Union League

“Lori is the highest-rated meeting speaker that our PMI chapter has had. Her stories are engaging, memorable and meaningful. I highly recommend Lori for keynote speeches as well as training and educational programs. She is a crowd-pleaser that is sure to make your meeting a success.”

Kay Wais, PMP
La Crosse PMI Chapter

“Wow! Our special meeting on Stories Trainers Tell with Lori Silverman was a hit! Lori not only shared with us some of her lesson-infused stories, but shared the recipe for crafting stories to enhance learning. Thank you, Lori, for volunteering your time to educate the Trainers’ Network on the power of storytelling.”

Paul Plamondon
Owner, Custom Training Design and Consulting
Coordinator, Trainers’ Network

“You gave the audience exactly what they were looking for at the MGE-sponsored Chamber Network program. Your captivating presentation provided new perspectives and essential guidelines for conducting a successful strategic planning process. I received phone calls and e-mails expressing appreciation and commenting about how valuable chamber of commerce executives and leaders of nonprofit organizations found the information. You are a wonderful inspiration.”

Phyllis E. Wilhelm
Director, Economic Development
Madison Gas and Electric Company (MGE)

“Lori Silverman received rave reviews from the Marquette University Center for Family Business members who attended her presentation on ‘How to Successfully Implement Organizational Change.’

  • Her style . . . . Enthusiastic and informative
  • Her stories . . . . Real life
  • Her advice . . . . Practical and applicable to businesses of all sizes

Lori Silverman is a ‘must have’ on your future list of speakers.”

Sandra Shirk
Marquette University Center for Family Business

“Lori packs the room on a repeat basis! She has spoken at our monthly chapter meetings and was a keynote speaker at our first Professional Development Day in April 2002. The audience loves the way she connects with them, and her humor and sense of ‘showmanship’ keep them engaged. Her stories ensure that the message is remembered. We are lucky to have such a talented speaker in our own backyard.”

Janet Atkinson, CCP, PMP
President, Madison South-Central Wisconsin Chapter
Project Management Institute

“Lori’s experience as a business owner and management consultant were the perfect credentials for our group. She speaks from experience with humor and credibility. Her presentation was not canned, but rather was tailored to the needs of our event to help motivate the attendees and give them new ideas to be successful in their businesses.”

Chris Shields Kann
NAWBO Wisconsin, Inc.
2002 Women Triumphant Chair

“Lori is a dynamic speaker who adapts her style and curriculum to match the level of her audience. Our students consistently rate her instruction and course content as excellent.”

Sandee Weller, Program Director
School of Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Lori Silverman is a draw. She spoke to NAWBO-Madison in January 2002 about ‘Re-inventing Your Business’ and her words have been the buzz ever since. Her presentations are content rich, entertaining and delivered masterfully. Lori gives business owners in her audience what they want—real-world perspective, thought-provoking ideas and ‘can do’ spirit.”

Robyn Kitson
NAWBO-Madison Program Chair
Kitson Marketing, Inc.

“Thank you for giving your presentation entitled, ‘Me, Myself & I,’ at the First Fridays Breakfast Network session on November 2. We were truly delighted to have you speak on such a personal topic to all women. The evaluations of your session were great; the attendees really appreciated gaining more information about regaining their identities. We sincerely appreciated having you take the time to participate as a speaker in our professional development program.”

Gloria E. Sarto, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Co-Director, U.W. Center for Women’s Health and
     U.W. Medical School Women’s Health Research
Special Assistant to the Dean for Gender

“Lori is a most gifted person, able to facilitate others to think in new dimensions. As the organizer and Chair of an annual Information Quality Conference, I evaluate speakers based on my customer’s feedback. Lori was not just highly rated, she was empathetic to the attendees and effectively led her students. I have invited her back—and will again!”

Larry P. English
President and Principal
INFORMATION IMPACT International, Inc.

“I have had the opportunity to hear Lori Silverman’s presentation on Schmoozing to our law firm. It was an excellent program, fun and practical. It generated a lot of discussion during the session, and weeks later is still a topic of ongoing discussion and the motivation for new behaviors here. I am also a Director for our local SHRM Chapter. I was so impressed with Lori’s style and content that I scheduled her to present the same program for our members in 2002. She is a valuable resource, and I am sure the SHRM Chapter will benefit the same as has our firm.”

Robert E. Gregg
Boardman, Suhr, Curry & Field, Attorneys at Law

“Motivation must be Lori Silverman’s middle name. She can certainly move a group through some difficult concepts by creating innovative learning situations and terrific stories. Lori brings wit, energy and a depth of knowledge and information to her audiences. Be it a small group or 250, Lori accomplishes her objectives.”

Joan Gillman
Director, Special Industry Programs, School of Business
University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Lori is truly one of a kind! As a speaker, she has this unique ability to instantly connect with an audience; whether it’s one person or one thousand. She relates because she talks of real stories, about real people, with real solutions. She speaks from the mind and the heart; from a “systems” approach, to what we, as individuals, should do. It’s not often we bring back a speaker—but we’ve had Lori back several times—always with excellent results.”

Bill Anderson
Vice-Chair, ASQ-Milwaukee Section-1202
Senior Project Analyst, Kohler Company

“I’ve heard Lori speak several times, and have always been amazed at how I can see things in a different light as a result of her insights. She is able to clearly link present discontinuities and trends to what will bring increased value in the future. Her experiences with different types of organizations provide succinct real-life examples, instead of just theories.”

Duke Okes
APLOMET/Applied Logical Methods

“My experience with Lori has always been outstanding. I love the way she is able to take an audience and focus them toward creative thinking and purposeful outcome. Her no nonsense approach allows her to keep the audience active and participative in the process. She insists on follow up agendas and activities which are essential to implementation.”

Jon Hiler, CAE
Executive Vice President & CEO

“Lori’s presentation, ‘Coping with Change,’ to UW Housing’s manager group was incredible! Her presentation style was very effective: She interwove personal stories throughout and was able to make an immediate connection with the audience by talking about her experience at Housing. Handouts were customized for us. Lori was open to comments and questions from the audience, always responding in a warm, thoughtful manner. I received much positive feedback after the presentation; Lori’s presentation made me, as the organizer, look good!”

Carolyn Virginia
Business Manager, Division of University Housing
University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Lori gave the top rated presentation at our conference in San Francisco. 100% for innovation, preparation and knowledge. I was [also] honored to have Lori give the keynote at our Community of Excellence conference in Charleston last year. She is a true professional.”

Grace L. Duffy
Chair-elect, ASQ Quality Management Division Management Performance Systems Specialist, Trident
     Technical College, Charleston, SC

“When Lori Silverman stepped to the front of the room and began her talk, a hush went through the audience; we were instantly riveted to our seats. Lori delivered her message with energy and wit. The time flew by and we didn’t want the program to end. Half the audience jumped up to meet her personally when she finished. Hire Lori for your next keynote!”

Karen Ostrov, Ph.D.
Principal, KONECT Consulting

“Lori has a very dynamic and engaging presentation style which, when combined with her in-depth knowledge about business and change, creates a thought-provoking experience for all participants.”

Merrill C. Anderson
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Dean, The Academy
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

“Lori Silverman was a keynote speaker at the 1999 Public Sector Quality Conference in Seattle Washington. Her commitment to Quality principles and her understanding of the concepts was clear and compelling, bringing brought both understanding and enthusiasm to the event.”

Mary Campbell
Internal Quality Consultant
Washington State Library

“Lori is a world class speaker. She grabs her audience and leads them in wondrous directions that both educates and entertains. Her magical stories can at moments be thought provoking, gut wrenching, or heart rending. What a joy!!!!”

Greg Hutchins
Quality Plus Engineering, Portland, OR

“Lori is an engaging and dynamic speaker. She gave an extremely valuable seminar (at MAQIN’s Hunter conference in ’99). Lori not only illuminated the connection between organizational development and the quality ‘movement’ she also framed the past, present and future of integrating quality systems into how we need to manage organizations.”

Karen Bennett
Director of Organizational Development
Discover Color Inc.

“I first heard Lori Silverman speak at a conference sponsored by the American Society for Quality. Her presentation was not a typical quality discussion. She challenged my thought process/outlook on the future in an unexpected way. This caused more than just a spark of interest, I wanted to know more. I read her book Critical SHIFT, and shared it with my colleagues. Then, I wondered how she would relate theory to a real life situation. I called Lori and asked if she could speak to our Management Team at Wilson Sporting Goods and be the guest speaker at a local ASQ section meeting. She agreed and exceeded expectations on both occasions. She listened, talked with us (not at us), and challenged our view of the future. She shared resources, advice, and things to consider that have proved to compliment our focus and strategy. We hope to have her back soon.”

Dean A. Garner
Development Consultant
Wilson Sporting Goods

“Over the past ten years, I have been a part of many conference-planning committees and have learned to watch the audience for reactions to hundreds of speakers. When Lori Silverman spoke at the State Government Quality Conference in Seattle, in 1999, I witnessed the spellbinding presence of an inspiring speaker. As a keynote speaker, Lori captured not only the attention of the huge audience, but was able to touch their hearts as well. Through out the day you could find clusters of individuals discussing her message, and making plans on how to use this message. Ms. Silverman is a rare find.”

Lois Quinn
Chapter Leader
Right Side of the Mountains Chapter, AQP, Spokane, WA

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