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Topics for Your Event

Here are a few of the topics Lori has presented over the past several years. She adds value by customizing her speaking and training engagements and training workshops based on your organization's specific needs and the audience's background as well as her extensive experience as a management consultant.

Take a look at her Past Engagements for a more detailed list of topics and presentations. Also check out “Bring in a Speaker” on for talks related to the use of story in the workplace.

Have a specific topic in mind that you don't see here? Lori can easily design a one-of-a-kind talk for your organization that is guaranteed to fulfill the purpose of your event and effectively achieve its outcomes.

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“Schmoozing: Meet, Greet and Speak with Ease
Social events. Business gatherings. Association meetings. They all call for us to introduce ourselves and engage in multiple conversations, typically in a short period of time, often with folks whom we do not know. Discover what you can do to feel more comfortable in these settings and how you can make the most out of these situations. 439KB


“Wake Me Up When the Data is Over
What challenges does your organization face? How to retain employees and keep them engaged? Getting everyone's behavior aligned around the organization's core values and long-term strategy? Finding sure-fire ways to brand and position the organization? Figuring out how to implement and gain commitment to needed changes in a short period of time? Learn about the key insights and practices gathered from over 70 organizations around the world that are using stories to address these critical business issues and strengthen their overall performance. 439KB


“The Art of Influence: What Works, What Doesn't Work and Why
How often do you need to get others in your organization to take a particular action or change their minds on an issue? Ever wonder why some individuals are more successful at achieving these outcomes? Anyone can be influenced; the challenge is learning what really works, what doesn’t work and why. Discover how to enhance your credibility and what techniques to use to positively alter the behaviors, attitudes and beliefs of others to enable you to achieve the results you need at work. 439KB


“More Than a Quick Fix: Organizational Change that Sticks”
When sweeping changes in strategies, technology, work methods and equipment are introduced throughout an organization, they typically impact far more than anyone initially anticipated. As a result, implementation deadlines get pushed out, actual project costs are greater and frustration mounts. Learn how to be successful initiating, facilitating, and sustaining changes that impact large groups of people. 439KB


“Proven Ways to Enhance Strategic Thinking in Yourself and Others”
Let’s face it. Times have changed. It’s easy to get consumed by the ever-increasing daily challenges posed by your boss and other stakeholders. Only, to determine how best to respond to these challenges, we often don’t realize we must immerse ourselves in the future. We need to figure out how to create meaning from all the uncertainties, opinions, trends, and conjectures that appear on the horizon and bring these to bear on our current decision-making and practices. We need to know when to stop analyzing and breaking apart data and learn to synthesize thousands of pieces of information about the future into breakthroughs that will catapult your work forward. Discover why organizations require leaders and staff at all levels that can think strategically, anticipate issues, solve problems, and make decisions based on new and emerging information and the long-term vision for work projects and the enterprise as a whole. Walk away with myriad strategic thinking tools and techniques you can apply immediately in your work.


“From Vision to Action: Strategic Planning in Unpredictable Times
Few organizations effectively plan for the long term. Often, what are thought to be innovative strategic plans are really short-term operational plans or a repeat of past initiatives. Because leaders of organizations are regularly drawn to the demands of the present, they frequently do not have the chance to address the requirements of the future. Some might even contend that in a world where uncertainty and instability are predominant, that it is impossible to plan for the future in longer than one to two year increments. This presentation covers a practical approach to strategic planning that takes into account future trends and uncertainties and their implications on the organization’s long-term success. You will learn how to develop a vision based on these factors and how to translate it into breakthrough strategies and actionable steps that help the organization to clearly focus and achieve its targets. 439KB


“Tapping Into the Power of Serendipity”
We all have an appreciation for the importance of short- and long-term planning in our lives. This planning makes itself apparent in our daily schedules, how we strategize about our work and our careers, and how the organizations we belong to operate over time. While schedules and plans are extremely beneficial, we also need to recognize and make room for unexpected meaningful coincidences. Learn how attending to serendipity (a.k.a. synchronicity) experiences can lead to insights and potential opportunities that can take your life and your work in new, rewarding directions. 439KB


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